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Otherwise, click the Activate Later button to go back to the Profile List screen. Figure 6 Infrastructure Network 2. Use the PIN method instead of the push-button configuration PBC method if you want to ensure that the connection is established between the devices you specify, not just the first two devices to activate WPS in range of each other. How does the softAP on windows 7 select operating channel? You can also enter text directly into the toolbar in Reader. Choose the security of the network you are attempting to join.

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If you are using the NWD on a notebook computer n-lits on battery power, then using this power setting will drain the battery the fastest.

NWD2105 Wireless N-lite USB Adapter User Manual NWD2105_0531 ZyXEL Communications Corporation

Figure 36 Security Setting: If you want to add more devices you should repeat the process with one of the existing networked devices and the new device. This example illustrates how to set up a profile and connect the wireless client to an access point configured for WPA-PSK security.

The SSID is the name of the wireless network. Here, the NWD is installed on computer A and set to operate in access point mode.

NWD Wireless N USB Adapter | Zyxel

After you install the ZyXEL utility and then insert the wireless zyxek, follow the steps below to connect to a network using the Site Survey screen. The wireless station and the AP or peer computer do not share a secret key.

In the Summary screen, click Save. Choose the security of the network you are attempting to join.

When you select Off, the NWD will never go to sleep mode. Otherwise, click the Activate Later button to go back to the Profile List screen.

The MAC address is assigned at the factory and consists of six pairs of hexadecimal characters, for example, Signal This field displays the signal strength of each wireless device. You can also configure your profile for a wireless network that wireles not in the list. The potential problems are divided into the following categories. Cancel Click to discard the changes.

Wireless N-lite USB Adapter Utility

Figure 53 AP Network Example. Login Name Enter a user name.

Refer to Appendix B on page for descriptions. Exit Click Exit to discard changes and return to the Site Survey screen.

ZyXEL NWD USB Wireless N-lite Adapter | eBay

To bridge your wired and wireless network using the NWD, the following requirements must be met: See the Quick Start Guide for more. Download Release Note for? Ensure that the two devices you want to set up are within wireless range of one another. Click Back to return to the previous screen. Delete To delete an existing wireless network configuration, select a profile in the table and click Delete.

Table 8 Security Setting: You can either set the network type to Infrastructure and connect to an AP or use Ad-Hoc mode and connect to a peer computer another wireless device in Ad-Hoc mode. Used electrical and electronic equipment should be treated separately.

We’ve made some changes wirelesss better serve you. You need to know the MAC address of the device s to configure this screen. Figure 52 Vista Security: Profile The Add New Profile screen appears.

Statistics 52 Transmit Rate This field displays the current data transmission rate in kilobits per second Kbps. Enter your User name and Password for the network to which you want to connect. Please log into your myZyxel account to obtain the latest firmware, ZLD4.