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Page Page – Searching for a one-touch dial button Page Page – Specifying chain dialing Page – Entering an address Page – Specifying the scanning quality and zoom Note If printing is not allowed, printing cannot be performed even when used by a registered account. Specifying The Ftp Settings When turning the machine off, then on again with the main power switch, wait about 10 seconds to turn the machine on after turning it off. Type in the login user name, and then touch [Next]. Click “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”. Saving the driver settings Change the driver settings from the Basic tab and the Layout tab.

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The oce variolink 2221 toner fuses at a lower temperature, so less toner and energy are used per printed oce variolink Specifies the watermark text density. Enter the time for transmission. Rx Document administrator Mode [Apply].

When a document with pages of different orientations is scanned, the orientation of the image data may not be correct. For the setting procedure, refer to oce variolink 2221 the IP address for this machine” on page Edit Click this button to change the saved settings.

Storage device for storing oce variolink 2221 temporally. Select tion Timeout from 30, 60, 90,,and seconds. Touch [Quality], and then touch the desired quality setting.

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Low-power mode, sleep mode, and a second warm-up time save energy. The destination name is in- serted. Click the System tab, click “Detail”, and then click “Output Oce variolink 2221 in the sub- menu that appeared.

Paper Feed All pages from: Specify settings for the displayed items. Specifying settings using Web Connection Specify the directory where the data is to be saved.

Page When this occurs, the sent job is deleted. Specifies the data to be printed in black. Touch [Setting 2], then [Priority TX].

Enter the destination information, and then touch [Dest. Specifying settings using Web Connection Specify a setting for each parameter.

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Security mode is enabled or when Access Lock is enabled on the software DIP switch, the corresponding user may be locked out and denied access if the authentication oce variolink 2221 is not entered correctly. To change the name, click “Rename”. Paper Printer Note To enable any installed variokink, you must specify the Option settings.

Page Specifies the page order for printing multiple pag- es on one page.

The Oce variolink 2221 dialog box appears again. If the recipient is directly specified from the Direct Input tab, the recipient is displayed, even if varioliink not displayed is selected.

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Specifies the starting number. Page Specifying settings using Web Connection Specify settings for the various parameters. Oce VarioLink User Manual pages. Page Specify the staple 22221 setting. Finally, this data is printed from this machine.

At oce variolink 2221 times, SurplusToner. This chapter describes the settings that must be specified for network printing. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Reject IP IP addresses in the specified range are blocked.

You can save the setting values of the changed driver and recall them as necessary.