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This page provides instructions on how to use Ubuntu live, without actually installing Linux, to test the TCO watchdog feature see below included on Intel chipsets and checks whether it works correctly. When the watchdog daemon detects that the onboard temperature is above the threshold, it tries a clean shutdown. Click on the Ubuntu logo at the top left,. Description Greg V No hard disk drives are required.

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Description Greg V When the watchdog daemon detects that the onboard temperature is above the threshold, it tries a clean shutdown. Comment inel Andriy Gapon On the other hand, the original ichwd surely worked on ThinkPad Ts, so at least the corresponding device ID 0x9d23 can be added.

Click on the Ubuntu logo at the top left.

Hardware watchdog

Resource allocation is hard. A watchdog service is designed to monitor a running system — on a regular interval if the system is healthy the service will reset a hardware counter by sending a keepalive message. Comment 29 Andriy Gapon However Shuttle mini PC doesn’t. First of all, I have not implemented the tcl required to clear the no-reboot bit. Comment 24 Andriy Gapon I didn’t suppose that my change will fix the watchdog functionality on DS77U.

Also, I did not try to handle the case where the watchdog resources are not configured by the hardware as well as the case where ACPI defined operational region conflicts with the watchdog resources. Maybe fixed resource allocation. The verbose dmesg is as follows. I went with watchdog because it had a series of inbuilt checks, such as:.

Mon Oct 22 Comment 19 Andriy Gapon Comment 12 Andriy Gapon I did not received the advise about co-existence of drivers. The point of this page is to provide simple instructions to test whether the watchdog works.

Please report a success to me.

None of these commands will produce any output. It’s designed to handle unrecoverable errors, like when the operating system freezes.

We generally assume that the computer boots following the UEFI protocol although indications will be given on how to perform the test with a traditional BIOS.

Since all our alerts came through Slack rather than via email and I didn’t want to have to set up sendmailI wrote a quick python program that would accept input in the same format as sendmail but send off a POST request to a slack webhook instead.

If the system performs a successful reboot as if the reset button had been pressedcongratulations!

Hardware watchdog | Alex Louden

If booting through UEFIthe screen should appear as shown on right. On the other hand, with or without my new patch, ThinkPad now reboots successfully upon watchdog timeout. Comment 4 Andriy Gapon Please report your motherboard watcydog and model, your BIOS vendor and version if knownwhether booting through UEFIand whether ihtel a graphics card or CPU -integrated graphics chipset and what other extension inel may be present.

Use F8 on boot to choose whence to boot from. Here are some logs from a server that reached 86 degrees untel the threshold set to 85 degrees:. This allows us to see in Grafana that the watchdog is working, and resetting every 5 seconds as specified by interval in the config:. My test system did not have either of those problem, so, again, I decided to leave those cases until later. Comment 2 Andriy Gapon After a few minutes specifically, twice the heartbeat value indicated in the above optional stepthe system will perform a hard reboot.